How much does it cost to lift a truck 6 inches

Are you willing to lift your truck 5-6 inches or even more than that? Well, it’s a costly procedure and you need to spend a lot to do that.

If we talk about the cost of lifting a truck, it might be $400 to $12k. In this tutorial, we will discuss details about the cost and what type of kit you should use to minimize the cost. Let’s dig out “How much does it cost to lift a truck 6 inches?”

6 inches truck lifting cost

Plotting | Lifting a truck

Usually, truck drivers are super enthusiastic to lift their trucks for various reasons. One of the main reasons is to install a larger tier so that they can drive easily in the off-roads. Another important reason might be enhancing the basic feature of your truck.

It will modify the balance, resistance, and performance of your vehicle. Besides that, they consider two key factors while lifting a car: selecting the appropriate kits in this process and selecting the right approach to install.

Select the perfect toolkit for the truck

There are two significant toolkits often used in the truck for listing. The common names are the lift kit and the leveling kit. Both of them have different characteristics and functionalities.

let’s talk about the leveling kits 

Truck drivers and enthusiasts love to use the leveling kit for small operations. It could be lifting up the truck for quite a few inches.

The leveling kits will help you to resolve the imbalance issues of your truck and eventually improve its performance. Leveling kits are widely used for solving the problem of unevenness.

 Lift kit

When you want to raise your truck up to 3-6 inches, lift kits are the best solution. The reason is, they are providing you with the latest features that you need to upgrade your truck. The cost of using body lift kits will be starting from $300 to $12k.

Suspension lift kits

When we are specifically targeting lifting up your truck up to 5 inches and sometimes specifically for 6 inches we are suggesting you use the suspension lift kit. it is the most perfect solution for this problem.

Lifting a vehicle to 6 inches is a hard task and you need a good technician to do that task. Experts say that, if you are using a suspension lift kit for lifting your truck to 6 inches, it might cost around $10k to $15k. We have noticed something more than that.


If you take assistance from a trained and certified technician the timeframe could be 7-15 hours. The timeframe will depend on the current condition of the truck.

However, if the condition is bad, it might take some more time. Now, if everything is all right, the timeframe will be the same. It will be extremely risky if you take help from an unauthorized person who has no license or certification.

Some people love to do that alone like after watching some video tutorials or reading some books they will go for it. However, it is a risky decision.

It seems like that, installing a lift kit is an easy task. However, if you made a mistake while installing it, there is a chance of an accident. While driving on the highway, who wants to face an accident? No one! As a result, experience and skill need to come together. It will help us to have an excellent output.

Can you add a body lift and a suspension lift together?

Yes, sure, it works fine in most cases. If you like to get the truck a much higher and install a big tier there, it could be a great decision. If you use only suspension lifts that would be a hard task. So, using a body lift and a suspension lift together will be a great decision.

Before installing your kit, try to discuss it with the technician.

To conclude | How much does it cost to lift a truck 6 inches?

Normally, we lift the truck up to 2-4 inches and it solves the issue very well. However, as a professional truck driver or any type of professional driver, you need to deal with different situations.

Lifting a truck into 6 inches is an extreme condition and you have to pay more than the traditional lifting. I hope you got the point. If you like to know more about lifting a vehicle or some other topics related to it, send us an email.

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